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If you have an important question or comment for me, please email me right away at jjm@vigoschools.org  

I'll be sure to respond to your mail just as soon as possible. 

{Note:  e-mail is the BEST way for you to contact me!} 





Take a few moments to see what your child will be learning this year in kindergarten. 
No need to panic if your child hasn't mastered all of the items on this list.....that's what we'll do as the year progresses!)


* Recognize ALL letters and sounds.


*Count aloud to 125 or higher.


*Recognize numbers 0-125. 


*Recognize all basic colors.


*Recognize basic shapes:  square, triangle, circle, oval, rectangle, trapezoid,

 pentagon, hexagon, octagon, diamond/rhombus, heart, and star. 


*Write name correctly, with a capital letter at the beginning only, followed by lowercase letters.


*Recognize name when it is written.


*Take care of all bathroom needs!  (buttons, zippers, snaps, etc...)


*Tie own shoes. 


*Count back from 20-0. 


If your child can already do these things, then that is wonderful.  We'll start at a more advanced place. 

Keep in mind that all children are different and will learn in a different way.

We will focus on reading, writing, and math skills all year, in addition to social skills.  I love science and social studies.  So, I love to incorporate this into our daily lessons.

I also love to have volunteers.  When we meet for the first time, please be sure that you complete a volunteer form so that I can get you in the room ASAP! 

I cannot wait to get the new year started.



**Click on the link below. This is a wonderful article from Scholastic titled, "What Kindergarten Teachers Wish Parents Knew."  







Thanks for stopping by.  Please contact me if you have questions. 


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